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Aidem takes away the tedious, time-sucking work of launching by pitching your product to a curated list of more than 250 media outlets, subreddits, startup directories, and Quora threads for you. Submission is ⚡️ quick and starts at just $99.

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How it works

1. Submit your business 💌

Submitting your product to Aidem is simple. Purchase a launch package, then complete our form. This only takes a few minutes.

2. We’ll hand-craft the perfect pitch 📝

We'll hand-write custom pitches for your product and work with you until you’ve confirmed them. Writing the first draft of your submission will take 4-7 business days.

3. Match with the best media outlets and startup directories ✨

With help from our algorithms and our partner Howler's database of 500k journalists, we’ll generate a custom list of the most relevant websites to submit you to. This includes media outlets, subreddits, startup directories, and Quora threads.

4. Launch your campaign! 🚀

We’ll start posting, submitting, and pitching your product once you’ve confirmed your pitch. Once your order is complete, we’ll send you a report––complete with links (and screenshots if applicable)––of every website we submitted your product to. This process takes 3-5 weeks to complete.

Our work has been featured by media outlets like:

Rumblr went viral on reddit, 4chan, and mainstream media in just 4 days

We used Aidem Network's community submission and media outreach strategies to launch Rumblr, garnering 100M+ impressions in less than a week

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📝 Custom submissions hand-written by our in-house marketing team

🤙 Manual submissions – no automated bots that harm SEO and brand image

🤖 Simple SEO without spending hundreds of hours manually link-building yourself

🤑 Targeted traffic to help you convert more users and close more sales

🌱 Long-term compounding organic traffic from Quora and reddit

🚀 Quick traffic & SEO boost from Product Hunt

Our users love us ❤️

Aidem Network did an excellent job increasing traffic to both our website and mobile properties. We saw a major lift in both SEO and ASO after working with them. Expected results were actually described and delivered.

❤️ Co-founder of Yik Yak & The Q

I've seen Matt and his team get millions of impressions and coverage for clients. I highly recommend their services.

❤️ Founder of The Mission

🏆 Case Study

Bitcoin Regret Club went viral with features from Mashable, The Next Web, and Tecmundo and success on /r/Bitcoin

🏆 Case Study

Off The Grid went viral with mainstream press features from Business Insider, MarketWatch, and Thrive Global

Launch your product now


1. How do you pick where to submit my product to?

We create a custom list for each product. We do this mostly by hand, with a little help from some algorithms we’ve built.

2. How is Aidem Network 2.0 different from its competitors?

We’ve built out an in-house team to manually write and manage submissions. We don’t outsource orders overseas or to agencies.

3. How does journalist outreach powered by Howler work?

Howler is a simple SaaS product that helps startups get press by matching them with relevant journalists from their database of 500k journalists & media outlets. Howler is a sister product to Aidem, so we’re able to get a good deal on journalist outreach and include it in our packages. You don’t have to do anything extra for this––we’ve directly integrated it with our packages and you’ll get Howler’s service through us.

4. Do you submit to Product Hunt?

Yes, we include Product Hunt submissions in each of our packages. This is both optional and free, however. We don’t charge for Product Hunt submissions (that’s against their community guidelines), but we believe it’s the best place on the Internet to share your product. We can hunt your product for you, or help you hunt yourself. Just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

5. What happens if my subreddit post gets removed or blocked?

While we’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen, we can’t guarantee they won’t block the post (and ban one of our reddit accounts from posting in the subreddit). There’s always a risk that this will happen––and it’s mostly out of our control. In our experience, this doesn’t usually happen as we do submissions by hand (this mostly happens when people automate submissions with bots).

6. What is a Quora submission?

We'll find up to 10 targeted Quora threads to mention your product in. We'll write a quick blurb about your product (usually in the third person as a user, prospective user, or independent admirer). Quora answers on popular threads are a great long-term SEO strategy. Traffic is slower than Product Hunt, but lasts for a long time.

7. Do you guarantee press?

While we can guarantee that we'll do our best to get your product as much attention as possible, we can't guarantee that media outlets will write about you or that you'll go viral on reddit. By working with us, you acknowledge you understand this.

Our Team 🌎

Nile Frater

Co-founder • Marketing and startup specialist. Previously founded NoCode.Tech and grew to over 50k/monthly users

Matt Henderson

Head of Campaigns • Growth hacker & designer featured by over 200 media outlets for projects like Rumblr and von Hughes

Aaron Tsai

Tech Lead • Co-founder of Athena AI, Howler AI, and Cortlandt Labs

Rashid Khasanov

Campaign Manager • Co-founder of Richie Invest & Investor Hunt, growth hacker & graphic designer

Our Advisor Network 🏆

Jeremy Cai

Co-founder of Fountain, YC S15, Thiel Fellow

Afshin Pishevar

Ex-Chief Legal Officer of Hyperloop One

Curtis Silver

Contributor at Forbes and captain of industry

Lucky Gobindram

Co-founder of OAB Studios,

James Ingallinera

Co-founder & CEO of TRIBE Coliving (fka Founder House)

Stefan Stokic

Youngest YC alum ever, and Co-founder of

Kyra Durko

Contestant on Apple's Planet of the Apps, Co-founder of TABu

John Xie

Grew MeowChat to 25 million users, Co-founder & CEO of Taskade

Michael Lisovetsky

Co-founder of JUICE, ex-Director of Growth at Common and Co-founder of Skylight

Chad Grills

Founder of The Mission (fka Life Learning, one of the largest publications on Medium)

Andrew Linfoot

Co-founder & CEO of Pesto Tech, ex-Growth at VaynerMedia

Daniel Greenberg

Growth hacker who ran an Instagram with 6 million followers, ex-Growth at

Our advisor network has worked with, for, or been sponsored by companies like: