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Benefits of

Digital PR

When media outlets write about your product they help people find, trust you and become your customer faster.

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    Create Brand Awareness
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    Strengthen Trust
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    Sell Products
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“Our first featured article generated over 350 orders in the first three days and as a bootstrapped business, profitability is key

Peter Yoon, President of ADV.
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“Propeller set us up with music-tech media outlets who are supporting our consumer app launch and get our product reviewed.”

Henrik Langer, Instruments Of Things

"We're now in conversation with a journalist contracted at a high traffic global outlet and he will be writing a review..."

Hamish Glover Wilson, LANE Bikes

Discover Your Wedge

We can find your wedge; something exciting about you. Every brand has this and we know how to make it newsworthy. You don't need to change the world to get headlines, we need to change how the world sees you.

Craft Your Content

We craft your wedge into media pitches, press releases, ghost articles, and company teasers; all in the name of making you stand out. The content highlights your brand and will resonate with your customers.

Propel Your Product

You content will be pitched to 100s of journalist and writers. We leverage media databases and AI selection models to find contacts that want to publish about companies like you, and we give them your wedge.

0 articles = 100% money back

Too many PR agencies take your money and deliver nothing.
We aren't like them.

Propel you brand


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New customers in 3 days


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What to expect

Product reviews, featured articles and news.

Your product will be campaigned 100s of journalists and editors.

More on the types of content here.

Roadmap for consumer electronics brands in digital PR.

Consumer Electronics Brand Roadmap

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the outlets?

Keywords, competitors and similar audiences. Full stop. We create custom outreach lists for every brand and every campaign.

A consumer electronics brand focused on sales would reach journalists at outlets like Tom's Guide. A dog food brand would reach journalists at The Dodo. And so on.

What kind of ROI should I expect?

It depends on three variables. The number of media placements, your cost to supply samples, and what plan you have.

Our simple goal is to be a cash flow positive growth channel while building long term brand equity.

Do you guarantee press?

We can guarantee we will reach up to 1000 contacts every month and try our best to get your product published. But we can't guarantee that media outlets will write about it. You should due diligence any PR agency that "Guarantees" earned media. There's usually something fishy going on there. And remember, our company's success is based on our clients' success.

Can't I just do this myself?

Yes of course! You need to know where to promote and how to pitch your product to media. The biggest challenge is finding the time. We spend +100 hours on each campaign, $100k on developing our systems and processes, and done it 1000s of times. So if you want some words of advice, book a call.

Can I try, before I buy?

If you book a call, we can give you a strategy and contact list but you'll have to put in the work. If your good at what you do, don't do it for free.

How is Propeller different?

Every agency knows how to target the right journalists, write a press release and shoot it off on some newsire nobody reads. Some even boast strong relationships with media, but we were cut from a different cloth. We’ve built software to do the heavy lifting for us, so we can focus on crafting winning media pitches from our inhouse team of PR specialists. We don’t outsource orders overseas and ChatGPT doesn't know anything your audience.

What happens if my article get removed?

Media outlets rarely remove content but there are a few outlets we avoid simply because of this. We can't guarantee you content will last forever, but we will bet our house it stays up longer than our mortgage.