Hot Takes
November 11, 2022

50 Offbeat Media Outlets That Are Worth It

You might know some of these outlets, you might not. But that's exactly the point. Many of these outlets command 10s of millions of people's attention every month, and there audience has never heard of your product. That's where we come in. But for now take a look at the unorganized list of stray media outlets.

The First 22

Let's take Good Housekeeping as an example. Who cares about housekeep? Not us. Who cares about ~320 million monthly visitors? That's us. Who cares about a backlink from a Domain Authority of 89? That's us.

The next 17

How about the environment? Inhabitat's audience is focus on environmentally friendly business, technology, design and lifestyle.

The last 11

Sneaker News. The holy grail of shoe media... That's right, every niche has an audience that hides in plane sight. You just need to capture it.